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The technology landscape

Felt the proliferation and fast pacing development of technologies. Everything does seem to change. We can’t rely on something for longtime. In response to that and for better understanding — I started discussing.

Here is the listing of opinions that are shared with me regarding

Proliferation and fast pacing development of technologies.

Categorize the technology choices based on domains.

Don’t feel overwhelmed with technology choices. Sometimes we might feel overwhelmed with the technology choices that are available to solve a particular problem. Because they have some similar features. But Each domain has it specific tools to solve the problems. We have to understand that we have good number of options to solve a problem in a domain.

Don’t ask people to stop thinking. People think and create stuff.

People think and invent or improve stuff, that is how we progress. We need to invent new technologies for better experience or improve existing tools. They keep on doing it.

Do not master any particular tool. Master the concepts.

Mastering or adapting a particular tool will limit the scope of awareness on choices. I’ve seen people who, haven’t heard of other paradigms or tools to solve problems that are similar to problems they solve with their tool. You should not master a tool, rather you should master the concepts. Try to master a concept with the help of a tool of your choice, with the awareness of other similar options and trade-offs you’ve considered. Then you can adapt any technology easily because the technologies rely on concepts.

Is the industry preferring generalists to specialists?

The answer is NO. As generalists can welcome agility and take advantage of new tools, these days people feel being a generalist is better. But specialists are really important. We need their specialized experience for successful delivery. Specialists should enchance their fitness with trends.

Anyway, this discussion is about my technologylandscape.

Update your technology landscape! It is important.

I also feel that the urge to go to market before anyone else does with the similar technology is also a reason. Creators want to let the people know — as early as possible, that there is a technology available. And let it evolve over time.

The evolution of evolutionary architecture, helps to understand why the architecture should be evolving.