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Why do kids get most of the love?

I am watching her.
With innocent movements, she is eager to look through the window.
What for? May be searching for something spectacular.
Tired of observing, she is sleeping on lap of her father.
He is gently poking her on cheek with tons of love.
He is enjoying her sleeping.
She is sleeping with a pleasant cute expression

Damn speed breaker, she woke up suddenly.
It disrupted the cute pleasant expression.
Will her father enjoys his baby’s unpleasantness?
She is busy eating after her father opened a sweet box. . .
I am watching a cute, little girl.

Here, I figured out something.
Why do kids get most of the love ?
I think, because they got to share the love after they finished growing up.

So, lot of love for that little girl .
A pleasant feeling in this irritative journey.